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What Should I Expect?

On your first visit, you'll be asked to complete our new client form and discuss what aesthetic you're wishing to achieve. We have the ability to create a unique look and profile for you ranging from the beautifully natural to the ultra-glamorous. After the consult, you will be made comfortable on one of our amazing beds (we even supply a pillow & blanket for your maximum comfort). We will then begin your chosen procedure using only the best products and latest techniques, you may even fall asleep for a little midday nap and wake up feeling rejuvenated and glamorous with new, beautiful lashes & brows.

How Do I Maintain My Investment?

Your new Lashes or Brows are worry-free, weightless and waterproof. With regular upkeep and a little hygiene know-how, Lashes & Brows can become part of your everyday look for decades to come. We recommend booking:

Eyelash Extension Infills & Semi-Permanent Mascara re-application for every 2-3 weeks

Lash Lifts & Brow Lamination every 8 weeks 

Brow Shaping, Colour & Tidy every 3-4 weeks

In order to maintain the beauty and health of your own hair & skin.

You will be given the know-how to take care of your chosen service. One of the most important factors with all Lash & Brow services is to avoid products containing oils and glycols so it is best to use only water-soluble makeup and makeup removers. Excess oils & glycol will cause inadequate or dissolving of bonds, relaxation of lash lifts and lamination + colour loss from brows and result in premature lifetime of your investment. 

Do I need a Patch Test?

If you are susceptible to allergies & reactions you should most definitely arrange a patch test at least 48hrs prior to the time you would like your service performed. Please be aware, any negative test results are strictly non-definitive and acute allergic reactions can manifest suddenly, even after years of treatment.

How Common are Allergic Reactions?

Generally speaking, our lash and brow applications are a safe non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Allergic reactions are rare, one in several thousand, and when they do present are easily treated but should be taken seriously. We never perform a service on anyone who has had a previous reaction to that service, once the body decides to react this way it will only ever get worse and continuing can seriously risk your health.

Are Lash & Brow Services Safe When Pregnant?

We do not recommend that pregnant women who have never had a procedure before start while they are pregnant. If they do have an allergic reaction their doctor may either not be able to give them the required treatment due to their pregnancy thus prolonging the reaction or this treatment may be harmful to their unborn child.


Can I Wear Contact Lenses & Glasses?

You will be advised to remove contacts before a Lash application as there is a risk if exposed to the chemicals used during treatment can be lodged under or warp contact lenses.

After the service is complete you absolutely can! We may adjust the length or curl of extensions if you wear glasses so they don't not rub against them when you blink as this can be very annoying.


Why Do I need a New Set?

If you currently have eyelash extensions on from another lash artist, there may be the possibility that your current extensions will need to be removed and put back on properly. Due to the unregulated nature of eyelash extension trainings and certifications, there are a lot of lash artists that have been improperly trained and at Eyelash Extension Institute, our priority is your natural lash health and eye safety. Thus, if you are coming in for a touch up from another lash artist, then you agree that your current extensions may need to be removed and a new full set will be applied at the appropriate full set price. This will be discussed and fully explained to you prior to any service being performed.

What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume Lash Extensions are also known as Russian Volume Extensions in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D. Using micro-fine extensions, handcrafted fans of the varying volume are expertly created right before being precisely adhered to one of your individually isolated donor lashes. This specialised Volume technique creates the unique opportunity of increased density to your lash line while maintaining a soft, fluffy finish so light you can't even feel yourself wearing them.

Why Choose Volume over Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Volume Lashes are the ultimate in lash design technology and the most superior for your natural lash health.

Fluffier, more beautiful, healthier Volume Lashes out-perform Classic (or 1D) Lash Extensions in all dimensions: density, comfort, wearability and health for the native lash. Because of their incredibly lightweight and unique bonding application matrix, they are practically weightless. In fact, our clients say you can't even feel yourself wearing them. Once you go Volume, you'll never go back!

The volume achievable with Classic Eyelash Extensions is limited to the number of suitable native donor lashes a person has naturally. Humans with thin and sparse natural eyelashes aren't able to achieve a voluminous look with Classics due to inevitable lash damage the weight of a heavy classic extension would cause to the natural lash. Volume lashing means we are now able to safely boost your eyelash density to 3-6 times that of your native lash volume without the damage as one 5D fan weighs less than one common Classic Extension. The final flexibility and ultra-lightweight of Volume Lashes comes from the micro amounts of adhesive used to adhere the Volume Extension to your natural lash - eliminating all ugly and messy adhesive build-up, uncomfortable/painful wear and scraggly/unkempt look commonly associated with Classic Lashes after medium to long term wear.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

There are so many factors that impact the answer to this questions, such as;

- Following at home care instructions properly

- Hair growth cycle speed and strength

- Products and medications used on hair and skin and ingested

- Application technique and conditions

Generally they will last until the natural lash is shed in its natural cycle. Infills are recommended to be maintained every 2-3 weeks depending on the factors listed above. This will ensure the extensions always look full and tidy, you are removing and replacing growth as not to cause damage to the natural lash hair follicle and re-lashing gaps formed by the new growth. Clients that take amazing care of their extensions, don’t wear much makeup and have a slow growth cycle may get up to 4 weeks before they require an infill, others that are not as kind to their extensions and/or have fast growth cycles will need to see us every 2 weeks.

What are eyelash extensions made from?

All extensions (apart from real mink which we do not use as we are against animal cruelty) are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate material also known as PBT.  

PBT is a member of the polyester family of plastic fibres with natural stretch and recovery properties, similar to that of spandex.


What is the difference between silk and mink extensions?

The terms ‘Silk’ (finer tip) or ‘Mink’ (thicker tip) are given by the eyelash extension manufacturing companies to refer to the fineness of the tip and often the finished gloss or sheen of the product. They are all still made from the PBT fibre as mentioned above.


What are real mink extensions?

If you are against animal cruelty you should never have real mink extensions applied. The manufacturing process to make these involves caging real live animals 'Minks' and feeding them up on hair growth chemicals then brushing them to the point they are left hairless and bleeding. Other than this, real mink extensions are real hair so have a higher possibility or harboring bacteria as natural hair is more porous. When wet they become straight and wispy and often loose their curl so require a lash curler to curl them back up.