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Thank you for enquiring about Eyelash Extensions Institute Training Courses.

Our training focus is on showing you how to build a solid technical foundation in order for you to create a successful lash career.

Whether you are entering the lash industry or wanting to brush up on your current skills we have something for you.

But be warned: building a stellar lash career is not for the faint hearted! Many hours of practice and grit determination are required on your part, you will only get back what
you put in. 



Our courses have been designed to cater to any skill level, whether you are entering the industry with no previous experience or require more advanced training. You will be taught everything you need to know to grow your lash career.


We pride ourselves in delivering the best eyelash extension training available as well as offering continued support for all of our students. We understand that learning the art of eyelash extension is not just a simple course but a life long journey that requires practice and continued support from a mentor. Therefore all of my students have access to me and support for whatever their lash enquiry might be via Email & Facebook.


We strive to help improve the standard of the Eyelash Extension Industry, which is why we are so passionate about providing outstanding training. We want all of our students to
succeed and they can only do this if they are taught the best and most up-to-date techniques.


This industry advances so rapidly and we always keep up-to-date with the latest developments, techniques and products and continue to adjust our training to reflect
these advancements.




Corrin is our Award and Competition Winning Master Lash Artist, Industry Leader, Salon Senior Stylist and Trainer at Eyelash Extension Institute. 

Corrin has developed techniques to create dream applications while focusing on technical excellence and has built a strong reputation with her clients and industry peers by providing an exceptional standard of work and staying current within the lash world. 

Corrin is a member of Lash Vision Leaders, a group of industry leading professionals that collaborate to set an agreed standard of training to be delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand which is set out in the Australian Registered Lash Artists Association.  

Corrin is dedicated to going above and beyond in her every day work and strives to provide the most current, comprehensive and safe practice training available in Australasia in order to unite and raise industry standards.

Corrin has undertaken many training's from world renowned industry judges and award winning artists, her motto in life is to never stop learning and evolving which is what Eyelash Extension Institute is about and committed to.


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