"I loved my job but this is my passion"

Corrin About

I'm Corrin Pascoe, Founder/Lash Artist/Educator of Eyelash Extension Institute and this is my story.


Only 7 years ago while on maternity leave from a busy corporate role as a Business Manager I decided to take a few short courses, one being lash extensions which I did with a friend so that we could lash each other & not have to pay a professional (I know, great idea right? haha)!

We took a 5 hour course at a local beauty school & BAM we were actually nationally accredited Lash Techs! But let me tell you, we were rubbish & unleashed a whole lot of bad/hazardous lashes into the world! Feeling un-confident & like something was missing I spent hours upon hours trawling every YouTube video & Facebook group for more information & soon found our training was already far outdated & not proper or safe practise!

By now I was already addicted to lashing so I loaned money from my parents & invested in an online international educator who really explained things in a way that made sense to me & my style & her tips worked for me! I've since done many online courses as even only a few years ago Australia was yet to really build our industry, there were no conferences or renowned educators here or coming to our shores.

Since then our beautiful industry has really taken off & I've happily spent thousands on training & growing with the best of the best, attending any conference or meet up I can get to as well as non lash related business education.

This has been nothing but a huge investment as my business has grown exponentially & the friends & support network I have created in this industry has been invaluable! 

I never did return to my old job, as my business boomed so rapidly I moved full time into it within months & took on staff. Since then I have sat on the Registered Lash Artists Board for 3 consecutive years helping to create safe & sustainable standards across Australia & New Zealand (my home), won the Expert Volume category at the largest Live Lash Competition in Australasia 'Pro Series', also won Lash Artist of the Year at the Lash Vision conference in Melbourne for both applications & commitment to the industry, I have been featured as an expert source of information for the Gold Coast Bulletin multiple times, went to TAFE to attain my TAE Certification so that I could launch my own training academy where I could educate & certify other amazing Lash Artists which I'm so proud to now be part of their own journeys to becoming time & financially independent - my students have gone on to win competitions build amazing businesses of their own!

The moral of sharing my story is to show you that with passion, consistency & determination you can achieve anything you set your mind to! I've made a ALOT of mistakes, felt embarrassed/proud/motivated/burnt out, been high/low/rich/poor, I still don't know it all & will continue to educate myself whenever I can BUT I just keep putting one foot in front of the other every day.

You may be how I was back then, seeing all the 'highlight reel' achievements of others thinking 'I could never do that' & I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN & YOU WILL just keep it moving forward & give it all you have! There is no get rich quick scheme or secret, put yourself out there - start or continue your journey & you will 100% get back what you put in EVERY TIME honestly from my heart!


If you'd like to discuss training, please reach out to me anytime. 


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